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Multi-media immersive programme at purpose-built centre in Huddersfield. Trust is the first centre dedicated to a major railway programme in the North and available to the wider rail industry.

Trust is a one-day interactive, training programme designed to transform behaviours and attitudes to safety. Active Training Team’s multi-sensory approach, blending filmed and live drama, creates a highly stimulating and memorable environment to ensure long-term message and learning recall.

The induction experience is designed to help develop a Health, Safety and Wellbeing culture that is truly embedded within the TransPennine Route Upgrade project. It forms the start of a shared journey with a common safety leadership vocabulary and an understanding that, regardless of role or responsibility, we are all leaders when it comes to safety.

About the Day

Though set on a rail infrastructure project and centred around a fictional company, the themes and issues at Trust are designed to resonate with any organisation that has office-based support functions and an operational front-line.

Part 1: The programme begins with a hard hitting, multi-media experience which quickly transports attendees from the role of observer to active participant. The fictional narrative is set on a rail infrastructure project, and examines the build-up to a fatal incident and its consequences. High-quality production values and industry-leading technology deliver a powerful immersive experience.

Part 2: This is followed by Practical Safety Leadership skills workshops, a series of experiential communication skills workshops set within the context of safety, health and well-being embedding the core values of The Transpennine Route Upgrade.

If you are a contractor and want to put people through TRUST or have any other enquiries please email


Today has been fantastic. TRUST is so engaging, and as a learning experience it is second to none. I look forward to the rest of the team coming along and seeing the changing behaviours on site.

Ian Grainey, Health, Safety & Well-being Director

It’s taken us a while to find a suitable facility, to then get the centre designed and fitted out, and what the result will be is, not just a UK class facility but a world-best facility for behavioural inductions and the safety world around that. This is truly going to be the best of the best.

Brian Walton, Deputy Alliance Director


By far the most helpful, informative and most useful course I’ve done in 22 years on the railway.

Workshop participant

TRUST will undoubtedly provide encouragement and confidence for key people in our industry. I'm convinced this training will make a difference.

Workshop participant

Professional, thought-provoking and stimulating interactive day. Should be mandatory.

Workshop participant

Really good, valuable course which should be attended by all in the rail industry.

Workshop participant