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EPIC: A Day in the Death of Michael Clark

Award-winning, immersive, site-specific, one-day induction experience for all employees on the Tideway multi-billion pound London construction project.

How do you engage every single employee and contractor on an induction day like no other?

ATT’s highly imaginative and immersive project for Tideway involves everyone as an active participant in an incident no-one was expecting.

This absorbing and visceral experience leaves participants with a lasting understanding of their role in ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone on the project.

In feedback to date, over 95% of participants said they would be more confident in challenging poor health and safety practice, as a result of the induction.

About the Day

The Tideway Employer Project Induction Centre (EPIC), conceived, designed and run by Active Training Team, is now recognised as one of the most ground-breaking health and safety training innovations in the industry. The day consists of three, inter-connected parts:

- An immersive, multi-media experience played out in a number of different rooms and zones. Participants witness a fatal incident on a construction site, its antecedents and its consequences.

- Hazard / Reporting Culture workshop: participants reflect on the Performance Shaping Factors at play in the scenario and discuss what needs to be in place to create an effective safety culture.

- Practical Safety Leadership Skills workshops: participants are introduced to various communication techniques. They then deploy these in real time with characters within the simulation in order to effect a positive outcome and prevent the incident from occurring.


I absolutely believe that people will go away from this experience thinking and behaving fundamentally differently to when they first came. And that will benefit them and their colleagues.

Steve Howells, former Director of HSSE, Tideway

The whole day was a quality experience delivered by a professional team that made the course impactful and memorable. As an example of transformational health & safety training this has got to be the benchmark for others to follow.


I thought the experience was incredibly valuable – and the process a real step change in changing people’s relationship with Health, Safety and Wellbeing.

Mike Robins, Project Director, Morgan Sindall


The most inspiring day at work I’ve ever had. I was working with a CEO, an office receptionist and a guy that digs the ground. I learnt so much.

EPIC participant, January 2016

It has made a lasting impression on the fact that an accident is a team effort, with many routes to avoidance.

EPIC participant, May 2017

The way the actors interacted with us was great. We pushed them, antagonised them, and they responded back and challenged us. Brilliant.

EPIC participant, February 2016

An unexpectedly emotional experience. Some quite unlikely members of our party were almost moved to tears at points! Remarkable achievement. Well done.

EPIC participant, March 2016

Actors are amazing. Like being on a real site. Not like a normal safety briefing.

EPIC participant, December 2015

This allows us to think outside the box and try a different approach to things I take for granted. It will help us to work better together as a team.

EPIC participant, January 2016


EPIC has won multiple awards. In December 2017, EPIC was awarded Health, Safety and Wellbeing Initiative of the Year at the New Civil Engineer Tunnelling Awards.

EPIC: A Day in the Death of Michael Clark received 3 Gold Awards at the EVCOM Clarion Awards 2015 and 2 Gold Awards at the EVCOM Live Awards 2015.

Judges comments:
‘Stunning! It will change the way their staff feel, think and behave. Looked to be well above the standard expected.’
‘So impactful! Great feedback from delegates. Very creative in terms of involving / immersing delegates.’
‘Excellent approach to create emotional engagement.’
‘This is not just best in class, it is worthy of the Grand Prix.’