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S2, Episode 2, Part 2: Creating equal opportunities in construction for young and diverse people

Young people account for nearly two-thirds of job losses* since the start of the pandemic, while a report published by the National Youth Agency and Youth Employment UK* demonstrated that “without a fundamental change in how young people are supported, far too many will be left behind”. We investigate the benefits of supporting disadvantaged young people into the construction and infrastructure industries and the potential impact on industry, young people, and their wider communities.

In part two of this mini-series on young people in construction, we talk to employers, a charity organisation and some young people themselves to discuss how we can support disadvantaged young people with getting into the industry. Featured guests are Lee Davies, Programme Director for HS2 at Costain Group, Carol Lynch, CEO of Construction Youth Trust, and two of Cementation Skanska’s youngest employees, 22-year-old Ike Adobe and 25-year-old Keeron Williams.

Our contributors highlight the rewards that come from reducing barriers into the construction industry, for young people and organisations alike. From diversity of thought in the workplace, to communities being involved in the regeneration of deprived areas, we explore the value that can come from creating equal opportunities for young, disadvantaged, and diverse people.

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