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Powerful Participant Response to the Pilot Sessions of Thrive

At the launch event and pilot sessions we were delighted to receive unanimously positive feedback from partners and participants.

Jason Ledden, Senior Construction Project Manager on Hornsea Two, who acted as Project Manager for Ørsted has been instrumental in the production and planning of the centre, commented: “Working with ATT has been amazing. The first time I participated in EPIC two years ago I came away and couldn’t stop speaking to people about how it had affected me personally. Now we’ve turned what was an empty industrial workshop into a great centre that is going to benefit our project Hornsea Two and the rest of the industry.”

The heightened emotional and sensory experience of Thrive is designed to impact on learning, memory, recall and subsequent behaviour. Lutuf Shah, Lead QHSE Manager Hornsea Two commented: “This programme works because it brings together the best human elements, it’s a mind and heart approach. Thrive changes your perspective and mentality – it’s a light-bulb moment that will keep coming back to participants” While Danny Walker, Head of Race Bank Offshore Windfarm commented: “I leave with the feeling that when my team and others have completed this they’re going to feel more empowered, and certainly have a stronger belief in themselves to challenge unsafe acts.”

Louise Thackwray, UK Media Relations Manager, Ørsted UK, explained: “The experience today really made me consider life, the choices that you make, and how that affects people. I’d encourage anyone to take part in today’s event. It’s like nothing else that’s out there and it really does change your perspective.” Duncan Clark, Head of Ørsted UK concludes: “The bit that’s different is the engagement of emotion which is just in a different league. It connects people with the serious impacts of getting things wrong in a way that is very difficult to do with traditional desktop training.”

Though set in a fictional company and in a wind power environment, the themes and issues raised at Thrive will resonate with any organisation that combines office-based support functions and an operational front-line. You can watch the video, read more about Thrive and make an enquiry here

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