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'Legal Eagle' Your Choice session

ATT’s recent ‘legal eagle’ version of its Award-winning, multi-media interactive training session Your Choice has generated extremely positive feedback. Developed for Port Skills & Safety (PSS), and held at Glaziers Hall, attendees came from ports around the UK, along with representatives from HSE, ABP, Peel Ports and Unite, to experience the training day, which was expanded to include a fictional HSE prosecution.

Participants were supported in the room by specialist lawyers Stephanie Johnston and Alex Penberthy from Keoghs LLP. A solicitor, playing the role of an HSE Inspector, interviewed an actor from ATT’s fictional incident scenario under caution, a deliberately uncomfortable experience designed to highlight what can happen under duress. Oliver Powell, a specialist barrister from Outer Temple Chambers then conducted the case for the prosecution while Ben Compton QC, a specialist advocate in health and safety renowned for his extensive experience in civil and criminal courts, sat in judgement.

Specialist knowledge divulged included guidance from Mike Yarwood of the TT Club – the leading provider of insurance and related risk management services to the international transport and logistics industry – on the need to immediately notify insurers following any incident; Oliver Powell demonstrated how prepared statements can have their place in this kind of situation, where an incident has only just taken place.

The day then continued with a session with Stephen Haynes from Mates in Mind, followed by a Practical Safety Leadership skills workshop led by ATT Director Adam Christopher.

Participant feedback:
“It always makes you think back to situations you’ve been in, you’d be exactly like the actors on stage… it keeps everyone engaged, the interaction keeps you from drifting off, or not paying attention. It’s by far the most engaging health and safety route – it’s the way forward.”

“The Your Choice enactment was absolutely fantastic because it brings the real world into the classroom. I learned a lot – you learn a lot about what you’ve done in the past that’s probably been wrong.”

“I liked how engaging it was, I liked how interactive it was – because some of these things can be ‘death by PowerPoint’. It’s about exploring more than just the job-related factors when you’re in leadership; it’s also about what’s happened to that person at home… are you putting any pressures on them that might be implicit, rather than explicit.”

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