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ATT at the Ørsted Safety Xperience Day

ATT were invited to Ørsted’s offshore wind headquarters in Gentofte, to the north of Copenhagen, to deliver their immersive 2-hour multi-media workshop at the Ørsted Safety Xperience day which took place at the beginning of April. ATT, along with Patrick Harnett, Senior Project Director for Hornsea 2, Sidney Dekker, an eminent advocate of the Safety 2 ethos, and Beth Rawson, a well-respected, eloquent and highly experienced renewable energy HSE inspector, formed a contingent of presenters put together to bring to life Ørsted’s ‘Plan, Care, Communicate’ mantra for keeping safety and quality at the forefront of everyone’s mind for this prestigious upcoming project.

Patrick Harnett, Senior Project Director for Hornsea 2, said:
“The excellent safety culture we have at Ørsted is a key factor to our success, and is hugely embedded within our existing teams. It’s just a part of who we are, and what we do. We wanted to create something that would really engage our supply chain, and all those we work with, and demonstrate the value and importance we place on safety. I’m really glad the day was so successful; the interactive element certainly made people think, and prompted some interesting and valuable discussions, and I’m confident the fundamental safety culture we have created can continue to be permeated into all parts of the project.”

Ørsted investments have helped power millions of people with green energy, fight climate change and boost economic growth and job creation worldwide. They have three large offshore windfarms under construction with Hornsea One, off the North Yorkshire coast, celebrating its first supply of power to the UK electricity grid in February this year. Hornsea One covers 407km2, five times the size of the nearby city of Hull. In 2018 Ørsted were responsible for nearly 60% of new offshore wind capacity in the UK. In addition to their stand against climate change, Ørsted is committed to being a work place that supports a sustainable working life, that not only encourages high performance, but provides purpose, long-term job satisfaction and physical and mental well-being, enabling all concerned to thrive.

The Ørsted Safety Xperience day brought together project directors, operational managers and other key stakeholders from around the globe to share ideas on best practice and lessons learnt. ATT developed and filmed a bespoke scenario, focusing on a fatal incident that occurs during a lifting operation dockside during the installation phase of a fictional project: Westhaven Sands 2. This, together with the live drama and facilitated discussion, formed the platform for the entire cohort to explore the events and pressures that shape some of the decisions and choices made by the story’s characters, as well as the all too real immediate and long-term consequences of this tragedy. Paul Mackintire, who attended the session in his capacity as Director of Field Safety at Eversource, a New England-based energy company, said:

“I just thought the Safety Xperience day at Ørsted was incredible. The entire day was very professional and informative. The team from Active Training Team truly drove home the importance of safety, attitudes and valuing our employees. The interactivity of an event was something I had never experienced and the way the team drove home the human elements associated with decision making was very well orchestrated! Thank you for a great experience!”

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