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ATT at CLOCS Conference 2019

ATT delivered two EPIC: Logistics workshops at the CLOCS Conference at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 20 March, with attendees from across the haulage and logistics sector. Introduced by Gordon Sutherland, Traffic & Road Logistics Manager at Tideway, the sessions provided a snapshot of what the D CPC accredited training day – available commercially as part of Tideway’s legacy strategy – offers.

Everyone should experience this EPIC workshop. A truly emotive experience where the audience gets drawn into ‘a situation’ and invited to challenge behaviour. An immersive and interactive approach that penetrates the psyche and creates the desire of all involved to find a better way. We’d love to be able to include these workshops in the CLOCS events we are planning to hold in other cities across the UK.
Tina McGeachan, Programme & Marketing Director, SECBE

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