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ATT Podcast explores safety implications of young people working in construction 

As part of our ATT Safety Leadership Podcast series, ATT are releasing a two-part mini-series on young people in construction and renewables, to coincide with International Podcast Day on September 30th. With more young people and apprentices being encouraged to join the construction and renewables sectors, including via the Government Kickstart scheme, ATT investigates the safety implications involved. 

In part one of the mini-series, we talk to experts, employers and young people themselves to uncover the facts, the risks, differences in generational needs, and the steps that need to be taken to ensure young people are working safely. Featured guests include Jennifer Webster, Chartered Psychologist and Registered Occupational Psychologist at HSE’s Science and Research Centre, Lauren Little, Stakeholder Advisor for the Humber at Ørsted, and Oliver Booth, Apprentice Wind Turbine Technician at Ørsted. 

In part two, we talk to employers, a specialist charity, and young people to explore how disadvantaged young people can best be supported to gain employment in construction. Featured guests are Lee Davies, Programme Director for HS2 at Costain Group, Carol Lynch, CEO of Construction Youth Trust, and some of Cementation Skanska’s youngest employees. Listen to both episodes on our website or iTunes
If you have an idea for a subject you would like to see explored in a future episode of the ATT Safety Leadership Podcast, we would love to hear from you. Contact us via

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