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Walk the Talk

Award-winning immersive ‘pop-up’ session for Crossrail staff and contractors at all levels.

‘LONDON LINKS’: fictional, major UK infrastructure project …

With delays and a big milestone event on Monday, the programme’s behind and the pressure’s on…is safety really still the ‘number one priority’?

About the Day

This immersive, flexible ‘pop-up’ workshop combines filmed drama, live action and facilitated discussion and has been delivered to Crossrail staff and contractors in conference venues, offices, warehouses, canteens, car parks and factory floors.

The session is the central plank of the Crossrail Target Zero Roadshow.

- Explores the key distinction between ‘Safety as a Priority’ and ‘Safety as a Value’

- Highly adaptable, the issues also resonate for non-operational participants


I would recommend ATT to anyone looking for an intervention that can really stop people and make them think.

Rob Jones, Head of Organisational Effectiveness, Crossrail

Many of the attendees at the training session found the experience extremely worthwhile and made them consider their approach to health and safety in a different way. We have had very positive feedback from the event.

Workshop Participant

This series of health and safety training events has been an outstanding success and the feedback has been fantastic. By taking this different and unique approach, we have demonstrated our commitment to find new ways in which to deliver the health and safety message.

Bert Bruff, Health & Safety Manager, BriggsAmasco


Best I've seen: it really did get the message across.

Workshop participant

This shows how it actually happens on site, what we are used to facing - spot on.

Workshop participant

Hard-hitting, it makes you think.

Workshop participant

You want to be involved, it got everyone going.

Workshop participant


Walk the Talk received two Gold IVCA Clarion Awards: ‘Best Interactive Communication’ and ‘Best Experiential Campaign.’ The IVCA Clarion Awards recognise excellence in communicating the importance of CSR, diversity, sustainability, community development, ethical, health and welfare issues in the public, charity, social enterprise and corporate sectors.