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EPIC: Logistics

Site-specific, immersive, CPC-accredited training session for HGV drivers and other construction logistics professionals. EPIC: Logistics is licensed as FORS approved WRRR training.

EPIC: Logistics has been developed as a safety training reinforcement workshop, aimed at a vertical slice of the workforce to address the risks and behaviours associated with driving HGVs on the public highways. Developed in partnership with Tideway, it is now available industry-wide as part of their legacy strategy.

EPIC: Logistics is a DVSA approved ‘Driver Certificate of Professional Competence’ (D CPC) course, accredited by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT).

About the Day

Based on the immersive, multi-media format so successfully deployed on our award-winning EPIC induction day, developed in partnership with Tideway, this course examines the behavioural and cultural factors which contribute to the death of a vulnerable road user on a London street – and what participants can do to avert this tragedy.

The day is designed primarily as an induction that is specific to all logistics professionals engaged to work on the Tideway multi-billion pound infrastructure project. However, an added benefit of this course is that drivers who attend it will earn the hours required to go towards their continuous professional development, in the form of a D CPC accreditation.

Developed and co-facilitated with industry experts, the day is designed to maximise engagement, and combines an immersive, emotive, multi-media experience with technical driver professionalism training and safety leadership skills practice sessions.

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This is going to take driver training completely onto the next level. It will demonstrate that Tideway is raising the bar.

Michael Heduan MBE CMILT, Consultant and Industry Expert

Having just attended, I’m delighted with the outcome. The technology is fantastic, but the scenario and the way that it’s built up gives a really, really strong message.

Steve Hails, Director of Health, Safety and Wellbeing, Tideway

It’s realistic and you see the reaction from people who are directly involved in haulage transport or HGV transport - they sit there and they’re captivated by what it's about because it's so realistic to them.

Geoff Loader, former Head of Stakeholder Engagement, Tideway

One of the key goals of this course was to give something back to the drivers. This course will give them 7-hours accreditation.

Gordon Sutherland, Road Traffic and Logistics Manager, Tideway


I’ve never been on a training day like this. I will be going back and waxing eloquent about it because I think the interactivity of it all is so engaging. I felt interested, engaged - it's been a very good day, I’ve really enjoyed it.

John Garvey, Senior Transport Manager, RMS Ltd

For me personally, it was a great experience being involved with so many HGV drivers, and understanding their challenges and perceptions on work-related road safety. EPIC is a really phenomenal training method - I have really high hopes that it helps towards reducing injuries and collisions onsite.

Andrea Bending, Behaviour Change & Campaigns Officer, City of London Corporation

I've enjoyed it very much today - it's an eye opener. It looked real. It was a bit emotional.

Pilot participant and HGV driver

The videos and experiences are really true and realistic. It's really refreshing. I think other people will now be more understanding of my role.

Pilot participant / Traffic Management & Logistics Expert

The Making of EPIC: Logistics

Have a look at our Behind The Scenes film, showing candid interviews with the creatives, consultants and ATT team members working to complete the EPIC: Logistics project in time for the pilot earlier this year.