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Episode 2: Exposure to Danger - 'what makes us vulnerable on our roads?'

Adam Christopher tackles the debate around vulnerable road users, and explores what is being done to help reduce the terrible statistics on fatalities when HGVs come into contact with cyclists and pedestrians. What responsibilities do drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, private motorists and professional drivers – and their employers – have?

Someone with direct experience of the devastation caused by a fatal accident with an HGV is Kate Cairns, whose cyclist sister Eilidh was killed in 2009 when she was struck from behind and crushed by a tipper lorry whilst cycling to work. Kate, whose career encompasses working as a civil engineer, environmentalist, sustainability consultant, road safety campaigner and founder of See Me Save Me , has become an important voice in road safety invited to speak at industry events, campaigning for greater awareness of the issues and working tirelessly to change outcomes. She shares her expertise and personal story with Adam, and there is an extended interview with Kate available as Episode 3 which is highly recommended listening.

Adam meets HGV drivers Barry and Rob to learn about the challenges they face as they go about their jobs. Barry says that he wouldn’t choose it as a career again because he feels vulnerable to the actions of other road users, with potentially lethal results. Rob loves his truck, takes huge pride in it, but also describes it as a ‘blunt weapon’ and has seen the long-term psychological effects of a fatal incident on his friend, who killed someone while driving his HGV in London. Adam also talks to participants on ATT’s new EPIC Logistics training day – in partnership with Tideway – to show how behavioural change is critical to having much safer roads.

This podcast contains content that some listeners may find upsetting.