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Episode 1: Wind Power Down Under

Welcome to the Active Training Team podcast. We’ll be focusing on sharing ideas, adding value and increasing engagement in the world of safety leadership. We hope to bring you a new episode every two months examining different areas of our work. Expect expert views and personal experiences from our client workforces, our strategic partners, our collaborators and our team.

Episode 1: In June, we returned to Australia with our Near Enough interactive workshop. NEi was used to start a discussion about what GE Renewables people can and will do – as individuals, as a team, as a project and as an organisation – to improve their safety culture. This award-winning workshop imparts a clear message that, when it comes to health, safety and wellbeing, everyone is equally responsible, regardless of their role or rank within an organisation. Within this episode we hear from the people who took part in these workshops across the breadth of Australia.