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Delivering live programmes within COVID-19 guidelines

With major infrastructure, construction, transport and energy projects now working to capacity and in accordance with UK COVID-19 guidelines, ATT feels it is essential that we continue to provide pioneering immersive safety programmes that deliver tangible changes in behaviour, attitudes, and outcomes. And for us, that means getting people together.

Working closely with specific clients at a number of centres, we have undertaken risk assessments and put comprehensive measures in place to provide a safe environment for everyone involved in our programmes – from clients and participants to facilitators, actors, support, technical and admin crew. Measures to keep everyone safe within UK COVID-19 guidelines cover travel, hygiene, social distancing, catering, use of PPE, medical and sickness issues, however it is a dynamic and rapidly-changing environment and specific measures are subject to change.

Dermot Kerrigan, ATT Co-Director explains: ‘We’ve had to re-think absolutely every aspect of programme delivery to ensure we are providing an experience and environment that is COVID-19 safe, and that the content of the programmes takes into account COVID-19 working practices. A significant difference clients might notice is the number of people taking part in a programme at any one time. However, what hasn’t changed is the overall experience, what participants take-away and the fact that we are setting the benchmark in safety leadership.’

ATT Co-Director Adam Christopher adds: ‘You will see on our website that some video materials may reflect pre COVID-19 working circumstances, but all the live programmes we are delivering now take into account the very specific demands, challenges and even opportunities for safety leadership that working on site to COVID-19 guidelines presents.’

Please contact us to find out more about face to face delivery of our most popular programmes within COVID-19 guidelines.

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