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New podcast: Women in construction

The new ATT Safety Leadership podcast highlights – through the stories of three women working in construction – why this about much more than just getting women into jobs in this sector. With the right encouragement, opportunities and representation, a wider range of people from all sectors of society will see construction as a great career option. Good outcomes here will have a wide ripple effect on society as a whole.

Crawler Crane operator Katie Kellaher talks candidly about challenges she’s faced in her journey from working in recruitment to a new career in construction: the reactions of friends and family, the lack of welfare facilities for women, and how she’s like to see much greater flexibility in working hours made available to all. Cate Anthony, a tunnel engineer with Dr Sauer & Partners, talks to ATT Director Adam Christopher about policies that cater for everyone that have a positive effect not just on the working culture she works in, but more specifically on recruitment and retention of women in general. ICE fellow Kate Cairns, stresses the need not only for diverse role models, but also for diversity of thought – particularly at senior level. She understandably feels that this will naturally bring different perspectives into the design of just about anything, that’ll surely benefit everyone.

What the podcast highlights is that this approach brings multiple benefits: harmonious working environments, improved safety, health and well-being are simply by-products of good effective leadership.

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