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ATT Down Under

Throughout June, the ATT team have travelled the length and breadth of Australia to deliver immersive safety awareness training to wind farm employees from General Electric Renewable Energy. Our involvement in the renewable energy sector began with Siemens Energy UK in 2011, when the short film Near Enough was commissioned – our proposal that we film an alternative ‘interactive’ version was accepted and Near Enough interactive was born. NEi piloted in early 2012 and rolled out to the Siemens global Wind Power workforce across the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, and through to Morocco, South Africa and the USA. NEi was awarded a Gold prize at the IVCA (now ‘EVCOM’) Clarion Awards for Best Interactive Communication.

During our time developing bolt-on communications skills training to entrench the themes of NEi for Siemens, we worked with Philippe Girault, a HS&E senior advisor for Siemens Offshore Wind. As a result of the successful programme, Practical Safety Engagement, and following Phil’s move to GE Australia, we were invited to bring NEi to GE’s workers across the windfarm sites currently being built there. NEi explores the need for effective hazard and near miss reporting and is the story is set on a wind power project, so it was a perfect fit.

After months of logistical planning, this award-winning workshop rolled out across GE’s windfarm sites throughout June as a part of their safety commitment to their staff. The programme was used to start a discussion about what GE’s people can do or will do – as individuals, as a team, as a project and as an organisation – to improve their safety culture. ATT Director, Adam Christopher says: “Near Enough points a finger at everyone in an organisation and demands answers to urgent questions around responsibility. Near Enough leaves everyone in no doubt as to what is expected of them.”

On this mammoth trip the ATT delivery team travelled to GE operational wind farms near Perth, and on to the beautiful Clare Valley, then Broken Hill, Dubbo, Cooma, Ballarat, Melbourne, Coopers Gap and finally the Brisbane area. 28 days, 9 sessions, 8 flights, 12 towns & cities and lots of driving later, the team have successfully contributed to GE’s windfarm workers’ awareness of responsibility to safety culture. Australian journalist Jane Nicholls wrote an article about the initiative – have a look here.

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