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June 2018 launch for our new PCE course

June sees the first tranche of deliveries of our brand-new programme, the Practical Customer Engagement Skills day. Following the success of Your Choice and the Practical Safety Leadership Skills (PSL) workshops in Buckinghamshire, Ringway Jacobs / Transport for Bucks asked us to design a programme to look at how we can further equip their people with the skills to deal with difficult situations.

In all our programmes we explore what informs the choices we make, and the Practical Customer Engagement Skills (PCE) workshop has been designed in such a way that it can run in conjunction with Your Choice & PSL or in isolation. Within Ringway Jacobs there will be participants who take part in all three workshops, which will complement and further embed the learning from each. By having these workshops on offer, RJ/TfB are going a long way towards creating a common vocabulary and the practical skills to empower all who attend to have conversations that will lead to positive outcomes.

Every conversation has the potential to dissolve into an argument. Why? Healthy communication requires a balance between talking and listening, and sometimes along the way we lose that balance. Most people have an innate desire to be understood – to have a voice that is heard, respected and valued: to get their point across clearly and to speak persuasively. Conversational competence might be the single most overlooked skill we fail to teach.

Living within this highly technological age, our interpersonal communication skills can take a back seat, and when we stop talking and stop listening this is when things go wrong: and whether this is from a basic health, safety and well-being perspective or simply from a desire to stop difficult conversations spiralling out of control, it is important to try and get it right.

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