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New Logistics version of EPIC gains DCPC approval

The new EPIC induction for drivers and other logistics professionals, developed in collaboration with Tideway, has been officially approved as a ‘Driver Certificate of Professional Competence’ (D CPC) accredited course by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training.

This brand new version of the EPIC induction is being piloted this week and examines the behavioural and cultural factors which contribute to the death of a vulnerable road user on a London street. It has been designed specifically for logistics professionals working on the Tideway multi-billion pound project and the accreditation will benefit all drivers by forming part of their continuous professional development.

This approach aligns with Tideway’s overall aims: to create a safer and more efficient supply chain, keep the supply chain moving and minimise the risk of collisions between construction vehicles and vulnerable road users. This dynamic approach will form part of the overall legacy of the Tideway project.

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