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Filming complete for new EPIC Logistics Induction

We have recently finished filming a storyline for the new EPIC induction for drivers and other logistics professionals. This project has been our biggest filming assignment to date – the filming alone has taken around six weeks to complete. The central part of the story involves an incident with an HGV truck and a cyclist and was filmed on the busy streets around Inner and Middle Temple in the City of London.

Filming in central London, as anticipated, proved somewhat of a challenge. As well as securing permission from the City of London to close roads, we were still required to provide access to traffic at certain points on the route. To manage this we employed a team of traffic management staff to stop and direct traffic between takes.

With empty roads and pavements, we then recreated a busy London street at rush hour and used a large cast of extras, both on foot, and in cars.

To capture the footage required to build our unique experiential and immersive visual content we used GoPro cameras in multiple locations – on the bicycle, on the stunt rider and on the inside and outside of the HGV truck.

We also used drones and a 30ft camera jib on a 32ft track to get wide panoramic shots of the setting and the aftermath of the accident.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in preparing for the shoot, and those taking part in it. It went incredibly smoothly, despite some last-minute road works which popped up unannounced on the route. Special thanks to our stunt performer and stunt coordinator, the special effects team, our medical advisor, the Metropolitan Police and emergency services staff, our industry advisors and the sound designer who went over and above to capture some harrowing but authentic soundbites.

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