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Your Choice nominated for EVCOM Clarion Award

We are delighted to announce that our multi-media interactive training session Your Choice has been shortlisted for an EVCOM Clarion 2017 Award.

These leading event and film communication awards recognise excellence in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, including environment, diversity, equality, community, charity initiatives, education, ethical, health and welfare.

Your Choice was originally developed for TfL and London Underground. The central concept was to write a story that started with an incident – a cable strike – and then work backwards to show the chain of events that led to it.

Central to this was the need to dramatise the cultural issues – at all levels – that seem to prevent people from saying a constructive ‘no’ when faced with decisions that could impact on people’s safety.

Filming took place over four days at LU’s Bank station site – internal scenes being filmed in offices and on-site cabins and external scenes on a real project construction site off King William Street. Stunt and SFX teams were hired to facilitate the cable strike and explosion.

The filmed footage also dramatises the offstage antecedents – misguided decisions and failings on the part of senior managers and non-operational people that led to the behaviours demonstrated live by our protagonists, as well as the consequences – for the operative himself as well as for his family.

Crucial to the session, however, is the fact that the participants are a central part of the story and can affect its outcome.

Through a stop / start / re-wind process, they are empowered to intervene, to talk to the characters, and to influence their behaviour; and ultimately to prevent the incident from happening.

In this way, some practical safety leadership skills learning can be imparted through the use of filmed and live interactive drama.

It’s excellent news that the work we commissioned with Active Training Team on empowering the work force in safety behaviour has received these nominations.

Andrew Grant, Senior Project Manager, London Underground

Your Choice has been entered in three categories: Education and Training (Event), Innovation (Event), and Strategy/Campaign.

Forty-six projects from 26 agencies are shortlisted across a range of disciplines and the winners will be announced on 14th July in London.

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