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Meet Theresa

Theresa Jackson Davis is ATT’s Office Administrator managing the office so everything works smoothly. Theresa keeps a beneficent eye on all the staff and a watchful eye on the office biscuit barrel! Theresa lives in Canning Town, but loves travelling including visiting her family in Ghana. We asked Theresa about her life at ATT and beyond.

When did you join ATT? Late March 2022.

What were you doing before? I worked as a Medical Records Administrator at a private hospital.

What made you want to join the team at ATT? Firstly, the responsibilities of the job were exactly what I was looking for. There is lots of variety, which I like; some finance, some admin. Then after I’d been shortlisted for the role, I really enjoyed my interview. Lucy and Annabelle showed they had read through my CV and paid attention. The way they asked the questions allowed me to fully express myself. It created an atmosphere that enabled me to properly show what I could bring to the role, which made me eager to join the team.

What’s been the biggest challenge of the job so far? The biggest challenges at the moment are executing my duties without errors and trying my best to recognise any blind spots in my knowledge or skills.

What is the best thing about working at ATT? The general atmosphere and the continuous real time learning. It’s like having a front row seat from which you can watch people in their roles and learn, but knowing that you can just shout across the room if you need a hand.

What ambitions do you have for the future? Well, if wishes were horses, I would like to be a rich housewife because I absolutely love being in my home. I never want to leave the house. On a serious note, my ambition for now is to keep picking up new skills and continue up the corporate ladder. I love the humdrum of administrative duties and I intend to experience as wide a variety of administrative jobs in as many different sectors as I can.

Which Quality Street is your favourite? I’m not a fan of chocolates but used to like Malteasers and KitKat. Anyway, I would pick Celebrations over Quality Street any day!

First record you bought? The album Survivor by Destiny’s Child.

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